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Function: useDay#

useDay(date: Date, displayMonth: Date, buttonRef: React.RefObject<HTMLButtonElement>): UseDay

This hook returns details about the content to render in the day cell.

When a day cell is rendered in the table, DayPicker can either:

  • render nothing: when the day is outside the month or has matched the "hidden" modifier.
  • render a button. When a selection mode is set, DayPicker renders a button to allow the focus and the selection. In case of uncontrolled selection mode, DayPicker expects a onDayClick prop to render a button.
  • render a non-interactive element: when no selection mode is set, the day cell shouldn’t respond to any interaction. DayPicker should render a div or a span.


Use this hook to customize the behavior of the Day component. Create a new Day component using this hook and pass it to the components prop. The source of Day can be a good starting point.



Returns: UseDay