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v8.0 (in development)#

The next major version is the result of years of feedbacks received on DayPicker. Many choices had to be done, so its props will be mostly incompatible with the previous versions.

Notable changes#

  • now depends on date-fns library
  • rewritten in Typescript
  • improved ARIA support
  • replace the DayPickerInput component with an hook
  • new features and tons of improvements

See the preview website at


  • Added useDay hook
  • Fixed overwritten modifiers in range selections


  • Better typings
  • Do not override the modifiers when selection is controlled


  • Outside days are clickable
  • ARIA improvements
  • Updated class name .rdp-hidden to .rdp-vhidden
  • Added types for style.css


  • Added a global ContextProvider
  • ARIA improvements
  • Fix className and style not being applied to root


  • Reintroduced CommonJS
  • Added required prop for single select mode
  • Fixed useInput bugs


  • Removed onSelectMultiple, onSelectRange (use onSelect)
  • Added min, max props to limit selections
  • Set the selection mode disabled as default
  • Bug fixes


  • Simplified class names system
  • Fixed class names for ranges
  • Improved ARIA for table elements
  • Skip footer if undefined
  • Use a button for outside days
  • Pass next month, previous month to Navigation
  • Fixed range modifier names
  • Updated the props for caption
  • Renamed “middle” → “between” when used in ranges


  • Add “DayContent” component (12aed904)
  • Replace webpack with rollup (#1028) (13748058)


  • Fix for today modifier not being added (6472e895)
  • Move Components to interface type (6cdc16fe)
  • Use a generic StyledComponentProps interface (0a75fb14)
  • Add more customizable components (5e7947a8, f4a16bbd)
  • Add new footer prop (92e61ffd)
  • Add some tests (da809623)
  • Make Caption easier to extend (69ba4515)


  • Improved selection typings: added new selection props
  • Style fixes


  • Updated API
  • New Selection behavior hook based
  • Added captionLayout prop: choose between drop-downs or buttons for navigation
  • Bug fixes
  • Style and layout improvements

Older changelog#

See /v7/ for the changelog of versions before 8.