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Contributing to DayPicker#

You are welcome to join the DayPicker contributors, help us building the best date picker for React.

There are many ways to help the development of DayPicker:

  • Improve our build tools and Github actions
  • Opening PRs with new features, bug fixes and improved rendering performance
  • Align the source code to the latest Typescript / React practices
  • Helping with unit and integration tests
  • Proofreading our website and the code documentation in the source files
  • Making the website more stylish
  • Help maintaining the repository on Github and triaging issues and PRs
  • Answering our support questions
  • Sponsoring the project

Send a message in our discussions page to present yourself, or write the maintainer directly at

Working with the source code#

This repository works with Yarn 2 workspaces to enable hot module reloading during development.

  • ./package/react-day-picker: this workspace contains the DayPicker source code and the development tools
  • ./playground: a React app useful to live testing. In the future should contains enough use cases for running integration tests.
  • ./website: the Docusaurus app for the documentation website
$ git clone
$ cd react-day-picker
$ yarn install

To build and start watching the source run the develop script:

$ yarn workspace react-day-picker develop

To run the unit tests in watch mode:

$ yarn workspace react-day-picker test --watch

If you use vscode you can open the included workspace for a better developer experience.